Sermons (2006-2007)

These messages were delivered by Dr. James Bradford while Senior Pastor at Central Assembly Of God, in Springfield, Missouri.

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Sermons from 2006

What’s The Use of this Newborn Baby? (Listen Now)

Prince of Peace (Listen Now)

Mighty God (Listen Now)

Wonderful Counselor (Listen Now)

Revelation 14 (Listen Now)

God’s Greatness and Our Brokeness (Listen Now)

The Unholy Trinity (Listen Now)

God’s Greatness and Our Gratefulness (Listen Now)

Giving to Give (Listen Now)

Begging to Give (Listen Now)

Prayer Power (Listen Now)

The Mystery of God (Listen Now)

The Devil’s Day (Listen Now)

How to Live Humbly (Listen Now)

The Countdown Begins (Listen Now)

Christian Consumerism (Listen Now)

Welcome to Heaven’s Worship (Listen Now)

Resolving Conflicts (Listen Now)

The Letters to the Seven Churches (Listen Now)

Too Much Talking (Listen Now)

Follow Through Faith (Listen Now)

Revelation 1 (Listen Now)

The Whys of Unanswered Prayer (Listen Now)

Survival Tactics (Listen Now)

Worship Centered (Listen Now)

Outwardly Focused (Listen Now)

Relationaly Connected (Listen Now)

Fear Factor (Listen Now)

Who’s in the Crowd (Listen Now)

Burying The Past (Listen Now)

Building A Future (Listen Now)

Sermons from 2007

Is All Well (Listen Now)

Fellowship with the Spirit (Listen Now)

The Love of God (Listen Now)

The Grace of Jesus (Listen Now)

The Christmas Table (Listen Now)

The Power of the Word of God (Listen Now)

Resisting Temptation (Listen Now)

Persistent Prayer (Listen Now)

God’s Supply and Our Needs (Listen Now)

Five Keys to Growing Your Life (Listen Now)

Carefree Contentment (Listen Now)

Joy and Depression (Listen Now)

Prayer Emphasis (Listen Now)

The World and Christ’s Coming (Listen Now)

Stretching Toward Tomorrow (Listen Now)

Growing in the Life of the Spirit (Listen Now)

Christianity 101 (Listen Now)

How Grace Frees Us (Listen Now)

Titles or Testimonies (Listen Now)

Partnering with God (Listen Now)

The Me-First Problem (Listen Now)

Science and Faith (Listen Now)

Good Guilt, Bad Guilt (Listen Now)

Worth the Pain (Listen Now)

Learning to Appreciate Church People (Listen Now)

Forgiving and Being Forgiven (Listen Now)

Risk-Taking and God’s Direction (Listen Now)

Our Possessions and God’s Priorities (Listen Now)

Our Church, Your Life, and the Battle for Balance (Listen Now)

If I Were the Devil (Listen Now)

People Possibilities (Listen Now)

Strategic Living (Listen Now)

What Studying Rocket Science taught me about Following Jesus (Listen Now)

A Dad’s Discovery (Listen Now)

Give God’s Spirit A Chance (Listen Now)

Two Things Every Church Needs (Listen Now)

Celebrating God’s Way (Listen Now)

The Unfinished Story (Listen Now)

When The Spirit Comes (Listen Now)

Finally (Listen Now)

God’s Ministry Toolbox (Listen Now)

The New Heaven and the New Earth (Listen Now)

How God’s Spirit Remakes Us (Listen Now)

Resurrection Reality (Listen Now)

Making Way for the Lord through Prayer (Listen Now)

God’s Books and Our Names (Listen Now)

How God’s Spirit Guides Us (Listen Now)

Jesus Returns (Revelation 19) (Listen Now)

What God’s Spirit Does (Listen Now)

God’s Spirit Through Us (Listen Now)

Me, Spiritual? (Listen Now)

The Bigger They Come, the Harder They Fall (Listen Now)

Hallelujah (Revelation 19) (Listen Now)

The World’s Kingdoms and the Demonic Double-Cross (Listen Now)

When Everything Changes (Listen Now)

Pay Day (Listen Now)

Spirit-Filled Living (Listen Now)