Thursday, October 29th, 2009...1:33 pm

Right Rules for Living

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calendarI have been thinking about what a good friend of mine, Randy Hurst, calls “Jim Bradford’s Frustrating, Impossible but Right Rules for Living.” He heard me talk about them in a sermon from 2nd Timothy and has posted them, under that title, by his work desk. They go like this:

1. Put your best energies into your most important relationships;

2. Put your best resources into your highest priorities;

3. Put your best attitudes into your deepest disappointments.

Frustrating? Yes. Impossible? Maybe. Worth a try? Too much hangs in the balance not to — for God’s glory and for the sake of those who need us at our best.

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  • Amen! Exactly. Couldnt of said it any better! My hsbuand and I are childrens pastors at a fairly new church plant. We may not have all the resources, but what we do have is the spirit behind the work. The C3 kids conference looks like its gonna be amazing and full of great ideas! Hopefully this time next year our church will be more established and able to fund our attendance. May you continue to be blessed in your work with children, and I pray your passion would ignite others to see just how amazing it is to GET to serve children.-Hollie MendenhallCrossroads Community Church

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