Thursday, October 29th, 2009...11:05 am

Personal-Life Leadership Questions

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For the Reflective Reading on the back of our church bulletin last Sunday I listed 7 ‘self-diagnostic’ questions I need to keep asking myself as a leader. To the end that we all fulfill God’s calling with personal lives that stay holy and healthy, here they are again. I hope you find them helpful.

KNOW GOD: If ministry activity were taken away from me, would I still have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus?

PURSUE INTEGRITY: Are there areas of ongoing secrecy in my life that I am intentionally hiding from those closest to me?

BE MYSELF: Am I living under the self-imposed pressure of always having to prove something to somebody?

OWN RESPONSIBILITY: Do I acknowledge my mistakes or do I project blame and use my influence to vent unresolved anger?

EMBRACE CHANGE: Is my attitude faith-filled and future-focused or am I overly nostalgic of the past and fearful of taking risks in the present?

LOVE LEARNING: Am I coasting intellectually or am I applying myself to the disciplines of personal study and reflection?

LIVE JOYFULLY: Do I love what I am doing or have I taken the pressures of ministry onto myself?

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